Yes, you can load your NetSpend card at Dollar General in-store! Simply visit your nearest Dollar General to have cash and cheques deposited to your card. Once the money has been deposited, you will receive a text to confirm the transaction is complete. There are charges which vary depending on your location. 

Are you unsure if you can load your Netspend card at Dollar General? Keep reading to find out if you can and where else you can load your Netspend card! 

Do you have a Netspend card but aren’t sure where you can load it? Perhaps you have heard that you can load your card at Dollar General and what to know if it’s true? Or maybe you are curious and want to know more? Whatever your reason might be, we have the answer for you! 

When it comes to prepaid cards, many of us are often looking for new ways to load them. Not everyone can transfer money from different accounts and load them this way, or always have the funds to do so. Sometimes we are given cheques or have cash and need to deposit them, but in this increasingly cashless world, we aren’t sure how to do this with our Netspend cards. 

Before you know it, you are confused, overwhelmed, and in need of a lie-down. You search, but can’t seem to find the answers that you need. You are left with cash and cheques that you can’t deposit and are watching your Netspend balance dwindle with no solution in sight. 

Well, no more! Today we are here with all the answers you need! Keep reading to find out if you can load your NetSpend card at Dollar General and where else you can load your cards. Never again will you be stuck with cash or cheques you can’t deposit! 

Let’s get straight into it!

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Can I Load my Netspend Card at Dollar General?

Can I load my Netspend card at Dollar General?

You can indeed load your Netspend card at Dollar General. In more than 8,000 stores across the country, you can pop in with your card and top it up. They can add cash to your card or cheques if you prefer. It’s super easy to do, and can be done in just a few minutes! 

To do so, simply head into the store and approach a checkout. An employee will be able to assist you in loading your Netspend card. Simply hand them the money and they will walk you through the process. Usually, this is extremely quick, but be sure to have your card ready to speed up the process. 

Fees to Load NetSpend Card at Dollar General

It is worth noting that there are fees involved. The fees do vary depending on your location and the amount you are depositing. You might pay nothing, or you might spend up to $4.95 or a percentage of the transaction. It’s best to find out before you make your cash deposit. You can always take the money elsewhere to be deposited if you wish to avoid the fees. 

To find the best rates, it’s worth visiting the Netspend location finder. This will pinpoint the cheapest place near you to reload your card. Spending a few minutes to do this can help save you money and avoid those pesky fees. If you regularly top up your card with cash or cheques you will want to take advantage of this to save you some money where possible. 

For those looking to deposit cheques, you can use the mobile cheque capture process. To use this, you need a mobile or tablet device that has a working camera and the Netspend app. If you aren’t sure how this works, an employee at Dollar General can help walk you through the process and deposit your check with ease. 

Where else can I load my Netspend card?

For those of you that aren’t near a Dollar General, there are plenty of other places where you can load your Netspend card.

To help you find some of these, we have included a list.

For a more exhaustive list, be sure to visit Netspend’s website or their app which will help you find your nearest location with the lowest fee to help save you some money too! 

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Stores where you can load your Netspend card

  1. 7-Eleven
  2. Advance America 
  3. Check’n Go
  4. Chevron
  5. Albertsons 
  6. Circle K 
  7. CVS Pharmacy 
  8. Currency Exchange
  9. Food City 
  10. Family Dollar 
  11. Kroger 
  12. Flying J 
  13. Office Depot
  14. Shell 
  15. Rite Aid 
  16. Speedway 
  17. Walmart 
  18. Winn-Dixie
  19. Walgreens 

Other options to load your Netspend card

If you don’t want to visit a store, there are other options too that will allow you to add funds to your Netspend card. Some of these options are only available at certain banks and if you have the option added to your Netspend card.

To check this, you can speak to a customer service agent, or check on the mobile app or online. You can find all the relevant information here, including the options with the lowest fees. 

Here are some of the other ways you can load your Netspend card:

  • Transfer money via PayPal 
  • Wire transfer through Western Union 
  • Bank transfer with participating banks 
  • Mobile cheque load through the Netspend mobile app 
  • Direct deposit of work cheques, tax refunds, benefits, or other state benefits including disability benefits and unemployment benefits. 

You can find out more about these options by visiting Netspend’s website or checking out some of our other articles on our site.

We have detailed guides on how to navigate Netspend and the different ways you can load your card, so be sure to stick around to find out more! 

Bottom Line

And there you have it, you can indeed load your Netspend card at Dollar General. It is worth noting that fees can apply when loading your card with cash or cheques, so be sure to check these beforehand to avoid getting caught out!

Don’t forget to use their mobile app or website to find out where the nearest Dollar General is that offers the lowest fees to save yourself some money! 

There are also plenty of other stores and online options you can explore to load your Netspend card with cash or cheques should you need to. All of these options are easy and will help you get your money on your card when you need it!  

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