You may be wondering if you can get your NetSpend card at Walmart or other retailers to give you the most control over your finances.

You can buy a NetSpend card at many different retailers including Walmart. A NetSpend card is essentially a prepaid debit card. The person using a card will provide NetSpend with their name and address and will receive their personalized card within a matter of days.

They offer lots of advantages for people who don’t actually have bank accounts.

This means that you can have your employer pay your paycheck directly into your NetSpend account. Netspend was formed in Austin, Texas. They currently have 70,000 centers for distribution and 130,000 points where customers can load up their cards with money.

These are, check cashing locations, retailers, insurance providers, pharmacies, and other grocers. 

The card will make it possible for you to spend on it, add money, manage your money and also withdraw from your account. You will also be able to transfer money to other people.

It will essentially operate like a bank account but you will pay a subscription fee for it. You can also sign up for things like text alerts that will be very helpful when it comes to managing your money and staying on top of your finances.

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Can You Get A NetSpend Card At Walmart

Can You Buy a NetSpend Card at Walmart?

Yes, You can load your NetSpend card at the grocery stores, check cashiers, and convenience stores. The NetSpend Card can be loaded on Walmart, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, 7-Eleven, and CVS.

Where Can You Purchase NetSpend Cards?

As mentioned above you will be able to get your NetSpend card at any Walmart and a number of other locations, these include pharmacies, grocery stores, insurance providers, retailers, check cashing locations, and also convenience stores.

This helps make NetSpend a very convenient form of banking and that is their main goal, to make convenient banking a possibility for people who don’t use a standard bank account.

The fact that you can get your NetSpend card pretty much anywhere as it is such a range of different places as well as providing plenty of them, like mentioned above you can get your card at over 70,000 different locations.

It means no matter where you are what is most convenient for you specifically you should be able to find a place that will be able to provide you an ability to get them pretty much anywhere which is a huge plus for you.

If you have been someone in the past that has fought against having a bank account for your own personal reasons then NetSpend might be the perfect alternative that best suits you and your specific needs.

If that is the case then you apply for your card at the above-listed locations which you will surely be able to find with relative ease.

How to Sign Up for NetSpend Cards?

NetSpend offers its customers three different subscription packages, each of these will be determined by how much you intend to use your card.

The first is what is considered a pay-as-you-go subscription and what this means is that you pay nothing to actually open your account but instead pay a dollar on top of every purchase you make with credit and $2 when you make a purchase with debit.

This is best suited for people who don’t intend to use the card lots of times.

The second subscription plan you can sign up for is the FeeAdvantage one, this requires you to pay a monthly fee of $9.95, this will allow you to make an unlimited number of transactions provided that you do indeed have the funds you will also not need to pay a fee to set the account up.

The Premier FeeAdvantage subscription will mean that you pay zero sign-up fees and will only have to pay a monthly fee of $5. You will only be eligible for this plan if you earn $500 every month or more. 

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NetSpend Overdrafts

NetSpend also offers their users the ability to have an overdraft as well and you will have to specifically sign up to that but will be offered the chance to if you have unfortunately become overdrawn.

This is often seen as a much better option for people who don’t want to take out a credit card because they will often offer you much better interest rates than a credit card company would.

This will help provide the user with security if they have an unexpected payment that is perhaps a little more than you can afford.

Though you will only be able to use your NetSpend overdraft a maximum of three times a month and will be charged a $20 fee for each of the transactions that are being made from the account, this is to ensure that you do not rack up fees that you simply can’t afford.

This will help with general money management and give you more control of your finances.

As stated earlier this is often a much better option to consider than taking out a credit card because of the interest rates that are being offered by NetSpend, interest rates are what you will have to pay on top of what you already owe so if you have high-interest rates you will be being charged a lot more for each transaction.

With Netspend it is a standard $20, but as mentioned you will only be able to do this 3 times a month.

In Summary 

You can in fact get your NetSpend card at Walmart and many other local retailers which can be much more beneficial to you.

Also as stated above, NetSpend is best used for people who do not have traditional bank accounts or bank accounts at all.

You are able to get your employer to directly deposit your wages into your NetSpend account and you can sign up for many different subscription packages which might be best suited to you.

If you don’t intend on using the card regularly then pay as you go plan might be the best option for you, you can also pay monthly for either $9.95 or $5 for either the FeeAdvantage plan or the premier FeeAdvantage plan, though to be eligible for the latter you will have to have $500 deposited monthly.

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