Can You Load Money on a NetSpend Card at Walgreens? Fees and Process

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Netspend is a prepaid card that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. Learn how to load money on a Netspend card at Walgreens and other retailers.

Yes, you can load money on your NetSpend Card at Walgreens Stores. Get in touch with the cashier and request to load money to your Card. You should view your balance to confirm the transaction was successful. Walgreens Reloading fee of $3.95 will apply, but this fee can vary.

NetSpend is partnered with a number of retailers, including Walgreens. You can both buy a NetSpend card at Walgreens, and load money onto an existing card. There are more than 130,000 NetSpend reload locations across the United States.

But how do you register for a NetSpend card at Walgreens, and how many other retailers are partnered with NetSpend?

The following is all you need to know about loading money on your prepaid card at Walgreens, as well as frequently asked questions regarding the topic.

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Can You Load Money on a NetSpend Card at Walgreen

Charges For Reloading NetSpend Cards At Walgreens

The fee for reloading your NetSpend card at a Walgreens location will generally be the same as their average purchase fee, $3.95, but this fee can vary depending on how much money you want to deposit and the location of the store.

For this reason, you should probably carry a little extra cash when you’re intending to reload your NetSpend card at Walgreens. Most stores, though, stick to the $3.95 reload fee. 

Is walgreens atm free for cash app?

No, Walgreens ATMs are not free for Cash App.

Where Else Can You Reload NetSpend Cards?

There are a number of other stores that are partnered with NetSpend, including

  1. 7-Eleven,
  2. Advance America,
  3. Albertsons,
  4. Check ‘n Go,
  5. Chevron,
  6. Circle K,
  7. Currency Exchange,
  8. CVS Pharmacy,
  9. Dollar General,
  10. Family Dollar,
  11. Flying J,
  12. Food City,
  13. Kroger,
  14. Office Depot,
  15. Rite Aid,
  16. Shell,
  17. Speedway,
  18. Walmart, and
  19. Winn-Dixie.

Of this list, the only establishment that doesn’t have a reload fee is Check ‘n Go.

Buying And Reloading A NetSpend Prepaid Card At Walgreens

Walgreens is one of many retailers partnered with NetSpend, meaning you can both buy NetSpend cards at the retailer and reload said cards.

If you’re eager to buy a prepaid NetSpend card at Walgreens, simply head to your local store (or any of their more than 8,000 stores) and browse their range of reloadable debit cards, of which there tend to be several.

Once you’ve bought your card and topped it up, you’ll be able to use it for purchases at any Walgreens store. The purchase fee for NetSpend cards tends to be between $2.95 and $4.95.

Across all retailers, their average cost is $3.95.

Each card will have instructions on how to register your card once you’ve purchased it. All you need to register is your full name, your address, your date of birth, your Social Security Number, and your government-issued photo ID.

Once you’ve been verified, which tends to happen reasonably quickly, you should receive your NetSpend card in the mail in seven to 10 working days. 

You’ll be able to reload your NetSpend card either with direct deposit or with cash at any Walgreens store. NetSpend cards can be used anywhere that Visa, American Express, or Mastercard are accepted. 

Other Ways To Reload Your NetSpend Card

Reloading your NetSpend card in person isn’t the only way to add funds- there are a number of other options. 

You can use direct deposits, which will get your funds to your account up to two days faster than with traditional banks.

There are a variety of checks that support this, such as tax refunds, work paychecks, government benefits, government disability benefits, supplemental security income, railroad retirement benefits, pensions, defense finance and accounting service payments, veterans’ benefits, and state unemployment benefits (although the rules regarding the latter may vary depending on your state).

You can also use the Netspend mobile app order to deposit checks to your account. Simply select the ‘Mobile Check Load’ option within the app and you’ll be guided through the process of taking photos of your check-in order to deposit it. 

Another option is a bank transfer from a checking or savings account, but this will only be available if your bank participates.

All this involves is linking your account to your bank account. There may be a transfer fee with certain banks.

You can also receive wire transfers via Western Union.

Fees may vary, and you won’t know the extent of this charge until the transaction is completed. This feature is only available for certain NetSpend cards, so be sure to check your account to find out if you’re eligible. 

The final method for transferring funds to your NetSpend card is via PayPal. This is as simple as adding your routing number and your account number to your PayPal account. As with all PayPal payments, there may be a fee. 


How Soon Will My Money Be Available After Reloading My Card At Walgreens?

It tends to take as little as 10 minutes for your money to be available after you’ve reloaded your card at Walgreens. You can check this quickly using the NetSpend mobile application, but if you have any time Alerts enabled on your account, you’ll receive a notification on your phone as soon as the funds are available. 

How Much Money Can I Load Onto My NetSpend Card At Walgreens?

The amount of money you can load onto your NetSpend card at Walgreens is limited to up to $2,500 per day because this is the deposit limit for NetSpend cards. There is, however, a small number of Walgreens stores whose reload limits are lower.

How Do I Check The Balance Of My NetSpend Card?

All you need to do to check your NetSpend balance is log on to the website’s Online Account Center, which is completely free.

Signing up for alerts will mean you’ll receive a text after every transaction informing you of your updated balance. You can also receive a text with your balance at any time once you’ve enabled Anytime Alerts, by texting ‘BAL’ to 22622. You can also call 1-866-387-7363 to check your balance, or use an ATM for a fee of 50 cents. 

Bottom Line

You can load money on your NetSpend card at any Walgreens location. The reload fee is $3.95, as is the purchase fee.

There are a number of other retailers to choose from when it comes to reloading your NetSpend card, but the only one at which you won’t have to pay a reload fee is Check ‘n Go, so you’ll probably just be going to whichever is your local store.

To find your nearest NetSpend reload location, simply login to your NetSpend account on their official website.

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