A routing number is a very important part of banking and not being able to find it can be infuriating. Luckily with NetSpend, it is easy to sort out.

Yes, NetSpend has a routing number. To find your NetSpend Routing Number, text “DIRECT” to 22622 if you have enrolled in part of NetSpend’s “Anytime Alerts,” your Routing and Account number will be sent to you by text. Alternatively, call NetSpend on 1-866-387-7363 to get your routing number. 

You can find your NetSpend routing number by contacting Netspend on one of their contact methods, the quickest way of doing this is by text.

You can also find your routing number by logging into the Online Account Center and following the direct deposit steps from the main menu then you will need to submit the right information which is required to sign up for direct deposits, the information that is required will appear in a box on the right side of the screen.

If the above two options aren’t the right choice for you then it is time to call NetSpend on 1-866-387-7363, you will then be asked to choose what service you require you need to select other services to get the information that you need to find out your routing number. 

As stated above a routing number is an important part of banking and is important that you know it or at least know how to find it.

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Does A NetSpend Card Have A Routing Number

How do I get my NetSpend routing and account number?

Receiving your routing number by text may be the quickest solution to determining your NetSpend Routing number. Text “DIRECT” to 22622 and your number is provided instantly for you and you don’t have to fuss around online to follow the correct steps in finding what your routing number is.

You can also call NetSpend and request other services if this option feels better for you then call 1-866-387-7363. You will be able to receive your routing number this way.

For those who are unsure this is not a number that you need to keep secret unlike your other banking information to avoid any instances of fraud.

This is due to the reasons listed above in that a routing number is only used to determine who you are for the banks so that money is always sent to the right place.

What Is a Routing Number?

For those who don’t know what a routing number is then it is a 9 digit number that any financial institute in the US has. The routing number is what makes sure that the money that you are receiving or sending will go to the correct place.

You enter a routing number next to the payee’s account number it will identify to the bank who the user is and where the money needs to go.

Routing numbers are essentially what identify specific users. If routing numbers didn’t exist it would be very difficult for a bank to determine who is actually receiving the money.

Bigger banks will have a few routing numbers and the one that you may need will be decided upon which state that your account was opened in.

If it is a smaller financial institute then they will only have one routing number. Routing numbers are essential and to make any type of transfer you will need to know what the routing number is.

As stated above, if you can’t find your routing number for NetSpend then there are plenty of services that are offered for you to find it and be able to make a transfer.

Why Routing Numbers are Important?

Sadly it simply isn’t enough to just put someone’s name on a bank transfer and assume that the money will end up in the right place.

After all, names can be common and there could be a number of John Smiths in one specific area, a routing number helps the bank determine which actual John Smith should be receiving the money that is being sent.

It essentially is a way for banks to organize who is who.

The routing number itself will be determined by the bank and you simply need to find out what yours actually is.

They are mainly important for transferring money to the right account.

If routing numbers didn’t exist then random accounts could theoretically be receiving money that wasn’t actually intended for them, this would be no fault of their own of course but that is why they are so important to banks and why you need to be able to provide them with it.

As mentioned above there are plenty of ways in which you can find your routing number for NetSpend so that money can be transferred to and from your account. 

In some cases, banks will also provide the routing number on your checks next to your account number.

NetSpend does not offer you the ability to use their service and pay with checks so it isn’t possible for them to provide you with the routing number on the bottom of your checks.

In Summary

There are plenty of different ways in which you can find your routing number for NetSpend, you can simply text “Direct” to 22622, you will then receive the routing number and your account number.

You can also call NetSpend on 1-866-387-7363 and select other services and follow the correct steps to then receive your routing number.

If these options don’t sound like a great choice for you personally then you can also go online and select direct deposits on the main menu of NetSpend and find the relevant information there once you have applied your correct information.

A routing number is important as it will ensure that money is being sent to the right accounts as doing it simply based on someone’s name isn’t specific enough and could still lead to money appearing in the wrong account.

In some cases from banks that provide you with a checking book, you can find the routing number at the bottom of them and that will be next to your account number, a routing number is 9 digits and every bank in America will be using them.

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