To add money to a NetSpend Card – Login to your bank account online and add NetSpend as an external account with your NetSpend bank account and routing number. Your bank will deposit and withdraw a small amount to verify your NetSpend account. ​Visit your Bank transfer page and select the amount to transfer to your NetSpend Card.

Learn how to add money to a NetSpend card. This article describes a step-by-step guide on how you can reload your NetSpend prepaid card and carry out various financial transactions.

The NetSpend card is a prepaid debit card that allows you to make transactions without a bank account. It allows several options to add money to your card, including Direct deposit and mobile check deposit.

These NetSpend prepaid cards help those who don’t have bank accounts and still access financial services.

Knowing your options for reloading the NetSpend prepaid debit card can help you plan.

Do not worry if you’re wondering how you can top up your account to carry out various financial transactions.

Here we describe how you can reload your NetSpend prepaid debit card.

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How to Add Money To A NetSpend Card

How to add money to a NetSpend card?

NetSpend offers several options to reload your NetSpend card. You can add money to your card through Direct deposit, mobile check deposit, and in-store retailers. You can add money into your NetSpend account through direct deposit by asking your employer to pay you directly into your account.

This mostly applies to people who receive government benefits. You can ask the relevant authorities to deposit money into your account via the Direct deposit option. You can also link your NetSpend card to a bank account so that you can transfer money from the bank to your account when necessary.

When transferring money from Netspend to a bank account, log in to the online account center to link a participating bank and transfer money from your Netspend account. You can check their Netspend balance for free by logging onto your online account center.

Where Can I Reload My NetSpend Card?

Yes, you can reload your card at participating retailers such as Wal-Mart, CVS Pharmacy, and 7-Eleven. Look for authorized reload locations such as gas stations, Western Union agents, MoneyGram agents, and grocery stores. There are thousands of our reload locations across the country that you can use to recharge your NetSpend account.

Visit these locations with the cash in your hand, and you’re ready. The in-person cash reloads cost up to $4, depending on where you perform the transaction.

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How to add money to a NetSpend card using your bank account?

You can use several steps to add money to a NetSpend card using your bank account. 

You can directly deposit money to your NetSpend card using your bank account.

Direct deposit works with various checks, such as social security benefits, pensions, tax refunds, work paychecks, and supplemental security income.

Download the Direct deposit form from the NetSpend website or contact the company and ask them to send you a copy via email.

Complete this Direct deposit form and submit it to your payroll department.

You can then deposit your paycheck directly into your NetSpend card and get your funds up to 2 days faster than traditional banking practice.

1. Get the account and routing number.

The first step is to get the account number and routing number associated with the NetSpend card. The account number identifies your Prepaid card and differs from the number listed on the face of the Prepaid Card.

The routing number identifies the bank that issued your prepaid card. You can find the NetSpend account number and routing numbers under the option for adding money from my bank account. Therefore, create an online account for the bank to help you manage money.

From there, you can get the routing number to help identify the receiving bank.

2. Set up an external account 

You must set up an external account through your bank before transferring money from your bank account to your other account.

This process may vary from bank to bank, but the basic steps are the same. Start by logging into your bank account and navigating through to where you can transfer money.

Every bank has a place where you can set up an external account. You can use your NetSpend prepaid card’s bank, account number, and routing number to create an external account.

3. Add your NetSpend Prepaid card to your bank account.

Log into your bank account online and add a Netspend card as the card you can fund using your bank account balance.

You will need the routing number and account number of your Netspend account to link your card with the bank account. Once you’ve linked a NetSpend account to your bank account, you can always load your card with the money for use.

For example, you can directly deposit your paycheck into your NetSpend card. You can also receive money from your friends or load it at the physical reloading locations.

4. Test deposits

Before transferring money to your Netspend Prepaid card or any new account, the bank may need you to verify two small test deposits to the account.

Once the deposits reflect in your account, you log into the bank account and enter the amount of the test deposits.

They need this verification to ensure the external account works correctly and ensure all transfers come into your Netspend prepaid card account.

After completing this verification process, you can add money to your NetSpend card from your bank.

5. Transfer money

The last step is to add money to your Netspend account. Once you’ve set up a prepaid card with your bank, it’s even easy to add money to your card.

Visit the transfer page on your bank’s website and select the amount to transfer and your prepaid card account as the account to receive the money. It will take at least one business day for the money to reflect in your Netspend account.

How to Add Money to NetSpend Card Online

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Here are the different methods you can use to add money to a NetSpend card online

◆ Paypal

 NetSpend allows transferring money from your PayPal account to your NetSpend card. Since PayPal works with NetSpend, you can easily load your card from your PayPal balance.

You only need to connect your PayPal account with the NetSpend card, and you’re ready. Start by providing your NetSpend routing and account number and adding it to your finding sources list.

Paypal will deposit and withdraw a small amount to verify your account like a traditional bank. It also charges a fee for transfers from an account.

◆ Mobile Check Load

NetSpend allows depositing checks online. Once they have processed the checks, you can have your money in your account. The online check deposit requires you to take a check photo on both the front and backside.

Ensure the back of my check is signed by a relevant authority. The Netspend mobile app lets you load money into your Netspend card using Ingo Money.

You can snap checks using the NetSpend app to make online deposits. Once you log into your Netspend account, select “Mobile Check Load” from the menu and follow instructions to the end.

If you have a physical check and want to deposit it into your account, use the Ingo Money mobile app to take a photo of your check with your phone and complete the deposit.

Open the mobile app and select the “mobile check load” option. It will directly through taking photos of your check. 

◆ Wire transfer 

You can receive a wire transfer to your NetSpend card through Western Union. However, this wire transfer feature is only available on some NetSpend cards.

Ensure you check your account to see if the feature is available for you. Several fees are charged when adding money to your NetSpend card to wire transfer. 

◆ Bank transfer

Transfer money from your bank account to your NetSpend account or directly from your checking and savings account.

You can also use your bank debit card to transfer up to $99 to your Netspend card as long as your bank takes part. Log into your account, link your external bank account to your Netspend card, and then reload.

You can make deposits using the routing and account number of your Netspend account. Some banks charge a fee for transferring money to your NetSpend card.

◆ Reload locations

Another easy way to add money to your Netspend card is to use the Netspend reload locations. You can purchase a reload pack from an authorized agent and deposit the amount you wish to add to your card.

Login to your NetSpend account and transfer the money from your reload pack to your card. You can also transfer money from a different NetSpend card to your account. 

They are over 130,000 convenient locations in the United States where you can reload your cards for convenience. If you are near to any of these locations, use them.

The NetSpend app can show you the nearest reload location. Some of these reload locations include Walmart, which allows you to load your NetSpend card at its physical stores. Walmart is both an online and in-store retailer and charges $3.75 

◆ Receiving money from other NetSpend cardholders

You can request someone else with a Netspend account to send money directly to your Netspend card. The sender will only need your name and Flashpay ID to top your card.

These details are available in your online account center. Netspend allows the person-to-person transfer of money, meaning someone else on Netspend can send the money to your account depending on your agreement. 

Bottom Line

You can use the NetSpend Prepaid card everywhere the Visa debit cards are accepted.

Once you have added funds to your account, you can use your NetSpend card for online and in-person purchases, paying bills, and sending money to family or friends.

Depositing money in a NetSpend account is not a complex process. The company offers several options to add money to your card, including online and offline processes.

Some options may use the card’s routing and account number that functions similar to that of a traditional bank account.

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