If you want to send the money from NetSpend to Wells Fargo, you may need to use alternative means. Explore how to transfer money from NetSpend to Wells Fargo.

NetSpend is a global payment company with headquarters in Austin, Texas. It deals with debit cards and offers alternatives to checking accounts.

The card enables you to perform various transactions, such as transferring money to a bank account. NetSpend mainly operates with payment cards, meaning you can send money from your NetSpend account to a bank account.

This article explains how you can transfer money from NetSpend to Wells Fargo. 

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How To Send Money From NetSpend To Wells Fargo

How to send money from NetSpend to Wells Fargo?

Sometimes you may need money in your bank account for savings, repaying a loan, or other needs. If the money is in your NetSpend account, you will need to transfer it into your bank account.

However, NetSpend does not allow the direct transfer of money from a NetSpend card account to your bank account.

If you want to send the money from NetSpend to Wells Fargo, you may need to use an alternative means.

Here are the steps to Send Money From NetSpend To Wells Fargo:

1. Log into your card account online and get the routing number

The moment you receive your NetSpend card, it is important to create an online account for the card. This online account helps you manage your money effectively. It also allows you to get the routing number to help identify the receiving bank.

The NetSpend account number and routing numbers are listed under the option for adding money from my bank account. 

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2. Add a NetSpend card as the card you can fund using your bank account balance. 

You will need your NetSpend’s routing number and account number to link your card with the Wells Fargo bank account.

Once you’ve linked a NetSpend account to your bank account, you can always load your card with the money for use.

3. Set up an external account

Set up an external account through your bank before transferring money from your bank account to your other account.

Every bank has a place where you can set up an external account. Start by logging into your bank account and navigating through to where you can transfer money.

You can use your NetSpend prepaid card’s bank, account number, and routing number to create an external account.

4. Test deposits

Before transferring money to your NetSpend Prepaid card or any new account, the bank may need you to verify two small test deposits to the account.

These tests prove that you have linked the accounts and provided accurate derails. It ensures that your external account is set up correctly for efficient transfers.

Once the deposits are reflected in your account, you log into the bank account and enter the amount of the test deposits.

After completing this verification process, you can add money to your NetSpend card from your bank.

5. Transfer money from NetSpend to Wells Fargo

You can send money to your Wells Fargo bank account after linking it to your Netspend account. Once you’ve set up a prepaid card with your bank, it’s even easy to add money to your card.

Visit the transfer page on your bank’s website and select the amount to transfer and your prepaid card account as the account to receive the money.

It will take at least one business day for the money to reflect in your Netspend account.

How soon will the payment from NetSpend to Wells Fargo arrive?

The period between sending money from your NetSpend card account to Wellsfargo depends on several factors.

These factors include the method of sending money and your bank account. For example, you can deposit your paycheck directly into your NetSpend card and get your funds up to 2 days faster in Wells Fargo than using the traditional banking practice.

From the time you start the transfer to the time it completes, it takes about a week, including the weekend.

Can I use my prepaid NetSpend card to transfer money into my bank account?

You cannot send money from Netspend to a bank account directly. This is because Netspend does not allow the transfer of funds directly to a bank account.

You may need to use indirect means to transfer money to your Wells Fargo account. For example, you can only use other alternatives such as sending funds to other Netspend cardholders or using PayPal.

Use PayPal

One means to send money from Netspend to a Wells Fargo account is to use PayPal.

Netspend works with PayPal, allowing you to link your PayPal account with Netspend and transfer money. If you have a PayPal account, you can transfer money from Paypal to your NetSpend and link the two accounts together in the Netspend App and PayPal app.

Once you’ve linked the two accounts, you can send money from Netspend to your bank account. 

Visit PayPal, sign in to your account, and connect your Netspend account to PayPal. Once you’ve linked Netspend to PayPal, you can request funding from the NetSpend card. The funds will reflect in your PayPal account, enabling you to withdraw them to the Wells Fargo bank account. However, you must also link your PayPal account to the bank account before withdrawing the money.

Linking your Wells Fargo bank account to PayPal is also easy. Log into your PayPal account and click “wallet” at the top of the page. If you’re using a smartphone, tap “menu” then “wallet.” Later, choose your bank at the bottom and link it to the Paypal account.

Use an ATM

An alternative to transfer money from your NetSpend account to a bank account is by withdrawing at an ATM and then depositing it into your bank account.

NetSpend allows you to withdraw cash at an ATM. This is an indirect way to get money to your bank account if you need it there.

The ATM withdrawals will charge you $2.5 for an out-of-network withdrawal, though the on-net withdrawal is free.

Withdraw at Walmart

Walmart allows you to withdraw money from Netspend at their centers at a $3.75 fee per withdrawal.

They have a daily withdrawal limit of $5000. Once you withdraw from your Netspend card, you can request the attendants deposit it into your Wells Fargo bank account.

Use Western Union

Western Union money transfer is a reputable platform that works with Netspend. You can transfer money between Netspend and Western Union using the prepaid Mastercard.

Once you transfer money from Netspend to Western Union, you can transfer the funds to your bank account.

Bottom Line

Having a Netspend card is convenient as you can access your money any time of the day.

With a Netspend card, you can link with your Wells Fargo bank account and send money from the prepaid card to the bank account. The trick is to take your Netspend account as a separate bank account.

Have a bank account besides a Netspend card account and link your financial accounts. You can operate your Netspend card online using your computer or smartphone and transfer money to your bank account.

The mobile app also allows you to pay bills online, send money to other Netspend users online, or check your balance.

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