How To Unlock a NetSpend Account? Why is my NetSpend Account Locked?

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To Unlock your Netspend account, Contact NetSpend Customer service via phone (1-866-387-7363) and identify yourself with some proof obviously to quickly sort the issue out for you and you will be able to use your account again. Alternatively, you can email them at ( You can also write a letter explaining the situation.

If your NetSpend account is locked it can be for a variety of different reasons, you will need to contact NetSpend for them to fix the issue.

Unlocking your account on NetSpend is very similar to unlocking your account with a different bank, you will need to contact them using any of their contact methods.

Once you have contacted them and unlocked your account you will then be able to use your NetSpend card in whatever way you like. 

Having your account locked is something that can happen with any provider of a service and can be done for a number of different reasons.

You may have been a victim of fraud and until that can be determined your account will be locked so that you will not lose any more money.  The card itself may have expired and will then lock your account or perhaps you have incorrectly entered your pin 3 times which will also lock your account.

The fastest way to fix this is by using the telephone number provided which is 1-886-387-7363. If you use this preferred method and can provide the right information the account will be unlocked immediately.

If you notice your account is locked do not panic as it is easily fixable and will hopefully not take a long time to solve but this is dependent on your contact method, for example, if you write a letter you will have to wait for the letter to arrive and also wait to receive a letter. This can normally take up to a week.

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How To Unlock a NetSpend Account?

Why Did NetSpend Lock my Account?

The reason that your NetSpend account gets locked is to protect the card user from any chance of fraud and it will mean that any transactions made from the card are no longer possible. There are normally security measures and nothing you need to worry about, if your account has been locked then you should contact NetSpend to find out their reasoning as to why it has happened.

How to Unlock NetSpend Account?

NetSpend Cards get blocked for many reasons and require different solutions to fix the issue and unlock your NetSpend account.

Figure out why your account may get locked and apply the solutions listed below.

1. Wrong Pin

With many banks, you have 3 chances to enter your pin incorrectly, if you have entered your pin correctly you will be able to use your account with no issue but if you enter it three times incorrectly your account will be locked, this is because NetSpend will think that this is a strange behavior and view it as an attempt of fraud, whether it actually is one or isn’t one.

To fix this problem the easiest way to do it is to contact a NetSpend customer service agent and explain that it is in fact you who has entered the pin incorrectly. You will have to identify yourself with some proof obviously but once this is done the customer service agent should be able to quickly sort the issue out for you and you will be able to use your account again.

If you would prefer to speak to them in a different way then your best bet would be to contact them by email and find a solution for the problem that way. 

2. The Card Has Expired

If your NetSpend card has expired it will also be locked as it will no longer be considered valid. Again this will simply be a case of contacting NetSpend to send out a new card to you which will have a new expiry date, this will normally take around a week to arrive.

You will then need to activate your card by going online or phoning up NetSpend so they can activate your card for you.

Activating your card online is normally the quickest process because you don’t have to wait in line like you would for a phone call.

You will be able to see if your card has expired as the date will be shown on the card itself on the front side of it.

Realistically you should order yourself a new card before the existing card expires so that you don’t run into this problem in the future.

Once you receive a new card you should destroy your old card by cutting it up into different pieces and placing it in the bin. When cutting the card up make sure that it is unreadable in case anyone tries to steal the data that is on the card such as the bank account number or sort code. 

3. Lost or Stolen Cards

Losing your card is something that everyone does at least once, maybe you’ve had a  few too many drinks and put it down somewhere and now can’t find it then you will need to report the card as lost.

Once you have done this, NetSpend will then lock your account to ensure that anyone who may have found the card cannot use it for any purchases.

If the card has been stolen then you will need to act quickly to replace the card, do this by reporting the card as stolen very much like you would if you had lost your card, you can receive a new one in a few days but for the meantime, the account will be locked so nobody can make any transactions on the card.

In Summary

There are many ways in which an account can become locked and all of them are fairly common, you can enter your pin incorrectly 3 times which will automatically lock your NetSpend account.

The card can also have expired which will mean that the account is then locked until a new card has been ordered by the user, to avoid this from happening you should maintain knowledge of when the card expires and order a new one before it happens so that the account won’t be locked leaving you without a financial path for a few days.

Your cards can also be lost or stolen and you will need to report them to NetSpend so they can lock your account and get some new cards sent to you.

As stated above contacting NetSpend is very easy and you can do it by telephone or email, whichever you would prefer.

If those options aren’t ideal for you then you can also write a letter explaining the situation.

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