Netspend Premier vs All Access: Which One Is Best For You?

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Metabank’s Netspend All Access combines the features you’d expect from a traditional account with a prepaid visa card, along with some amazing perks. Whereas Netspend Premier card allows access to some of the same features of All Access, including early deposit and payback reward features. 

Not sure whether to upgrade from Netspend All Access to Netspend Premier? See what both plans have to offer before you decide.

Prepaid Debit Card provider Netspend offers an All Access bank account service. Netspend All Access aims to provide service users with the best features of checking accounts and prepaid debit cards for a reasonable price. Netspend’s Premier Card offers even more features for a reduced monthly plan.

In order to decide whether you should stick with Netspend All Access or upgrade to Netspend Premium, you’ll need to weigh up the pros and cons of both options. 

Stay tuned to read our reviews of Netspend All Access and Netspend Premier. 

Netspend Premier vs All Access

Netspend All Access 

Metabank’s Netspend All Access bank account is a great option for those who are unable to apply for a traditional bank account. It combines the features you’d expect from a traditional account with a prepaid visa card, along with some amazing perks. 


The features offered by Netspend All Access are very appealing, but there are also some drawbacks to the service that may prompt users to upgrade to the Premier card. 

Extensive Network

Netspend All Access accounts can be accessed for withdrawals via more than 32,000 ATMs, all of which are part of the MoneyPass network. 

The size of the Netspend All Access network is a definite benefit of this account because a larger network means that it’s easier to access your money when you need to. 

Virtual Debit Cards

When you open an All Access Netspend account, you’ll be provided with a physical Debit card. 

However, the All Access account plan has another option for those times when you don’t want to give out your bank information for an online or phone transaction: virtual Debit cards. 

You can request up to 6 virtual Debit cards each month, which will stay active from when you request them until the end of the month. You can use these virtual cards to make transactions without giving out your permanent bank details. 

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Early Deposits and Other Benefits 

One of the main selling points of the Netspend All Access account is that account owners can get access to their earnings and benefits up to 2 days early compared with traditional bank accounts. 

You also get the opportunity to earn cashback rewards when you use your All-Access card to make certain purchases. 

While the vast majority of prepaid debit cards don’t offer an overdraft protection feature, Netspend All Access does. This means that you can cancel any transaction before it takes you into overdraft, so you can avoid the $20 fee incurred by a $10 overdraft. 

However, there are also drawbacks when it comes to accessing money through a Netspend All Access account. For one thing, receiving money by wire transfer is not possible. All Access accounts will not accept inbound wire transfers. Customers who are accustomed to receiving money in this way may struggle with this aspect of the All Access account. 

There are also numerous fees for various actions and transactions, which can eat away at your earnings and rewards. For example, the fee for foreign transactions is 3% of the transaction amount, while an ATM withdrawal outside of the network will cost you $4.95.

Savings Account 

When you open your All Access account, you will have the option to open a savings account. 

For the first $2,000 you save, you’ll earn a significant 6% APY. The percentage then drops to 0.5% after this threshold. 

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Netspend All Access comes with many benefits, including early deposits, overdraft protection, cashback rewards, easy ATM access, virtual debit cards, and optional savings account with a good initial interest rate. 

However, you can’t receive money into your Netspend All Access account by wire transfer, and there is a $20 overdraft fee over $10, as well as some fairly expensive fees for certain types of transactions and withdrawals. 

Netspend Premier 

When you upgrade from a Netspend All Access account to a Netspend Premier card, you’ll get access to some of the same features, including the early deposit and payback reward features. 


However, you will also benefit from a range of additional features that will improve the ease of use and security of your account. 

Customized Card 

A Nestpend Premier card can be customized with your favorite photograph at no extra cost. This may seem like an arguably trivial benefit, but a high-quality, customized card for no additional charge is definitely a bonus!

In-App Management 

Netspend Premier makes it easier to manage your bank account by using the Netspend Mobile App. 

The app can send you notifications and alerts to help you stay organized and informed when it comes to your financial decisions. 

FDIC Protection 

Fraud is a major concern when it comes to banking in this day and age, but with Netspend Premier, your bank balance is protected by FDIC insurance, meaning you can sleep easier at night. 

Plus, your Premier card will come with fraud protection, whether it’s a Visa or Mastercard variant. 

Reduced Monthly Plan

All of these Premier features are available through Netspend’s reduced monthly plan, which is just $5 per month. This is a great deal. 


Netspend Premier has clear management and protection advantages over the Netspend All Access bank account, especially for such an affordable price. In addition to the financial benefits, you’ll get better insurance, fraud prevention, and in-app control. 

The Premier upgrade is definitely worth it if you’re concerned about the security of your bank account or being able to manage your finances. 

Final Thoughts 

Netspend’s All Access bank account is an excellent choice for individuals who can’t apply for a traditional bank account due to credit scores or other reasons. It offers numerous monetary benefits, from early deposits to 

However, if you choose to upgrade to a Netspend Premier card, you’ll also get a free customized card, better account management features, and higher levels of fraud protection.

Therefore, we would advise Netspend customers to upgrade to the Premium card, particularly since you can benefit from the reduced monthly plan, saving almost 50% when you do so. 

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