Does Panda Express take Venmo? Tag along if you don’t want to miss out on the most attractive Panda Express Venmo offers and deals.

Yes, Panda Express takes Venmo. Press the button and it will send signals to a scanner that’s already facing the guests with your Phone Camera and just scan the QR code there.

We all love a good deal, and Venmo QR codes come with a great deal of them. So, you’ll want to take advantage of these offers and enjoy a quality American Chinese meal at Panda Express.

Venmo’s Panda Express deal meant that you could get $10 back with in-store purchases for any order that’s at least $10 if you used Venmo’s scan code. Unfortunately, the Panda Express Venmo offer has expired on the 31st of December.

Still, you might want to learn more about Venmo QR codes and if these offers are available for Paypal users.

So, follow us as we help you save a few bucks.

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Panda Express Venmo

In-Store QR Codes

Before discussing the Panda Express code, let’s talk about Venmo in-store QR codes, where you’ll find them, and how to use them.

What They Are

As a new Venmo user, you may not have had the chance to try out Venmo’s scan codes. Simply put, Venmo offers its users in-store deals when they pay via Venmo QR codes with select merchants. Note that these in-store offers expire; you can find the expiration date by clicking “See terms” for the coupon.

Tip: Before walking into a store to use a Venmo offer, double-check that it’s still valid.

We can’t fully explain how in-store QR codes work in the context of this article without discussing Venmo Offers. This program provides Venmo users with cash back on eligible transactions with select merchants. Venmo Mastercard Debit Card owners are already enrolled in the program, but other Venmo users can enroll through the app.

How to Use Them

You can access Venmo Offers in the app by following these instructions:

  1. Open the Venmo app.
  2. Click on the user setting tab in the bottom right corner.
  3. Go to cogwheel settings.
  4. Scroll down to the ‘Buying’ section, and select ‘Offers.’
  5. Tap ‘Find more offers.’
  6. Select the offer you want.
  7. Click ‘Pay with QR code’ to get the deal.

Panda Express QR Code

This offer was available on two different mobile payment services, which are:

1. Venmo

Panda Express is one of the select merchants that we’ve talked about, and Venmo’s offer was a $10 cashback for an in-store purchase that’s $10 or more. This was a one-time offer that you can take advantage of by paying with the listed QR code.

As for its expiration date, it was originally the 9th of November, 2021. However, Venmo extended the offer to the 31st of December, 2021. Either way, it has expired by now.

2. Paypal

Yes, Paypal had the same $10 reward offer for $10+ purchases at Panda Express. Like Venmo, the reward was applicable to QR code purchases at the restaurant.

But before you label this copycat behavior, let us remind you that Paypal owns Venmo, so you might say that it was Venmo following Paypal’s lead. Also, this was good news for consumers, as they got to use the ‘one-time offer’ twice (once with each app)!

When Do I Earn Cashback With Venmo?

You might not receive your cashback on the spot. When you make an eligible purchase, it’ll be pending until your merchant accepts it. In the meantime, you’ll see the estimated cashback in your feed, but the total isn’t final. When the merchant completes the transaction, you’ll receive the final cashback amount.

That process usually takes up to five days, but it can be 30 days with some merchants. If the eligible transaction is completed and the cashback is missing, you can contact Venmo’s support team.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Venmo Offers is a great program that you can use to save money; just make purchases at the stores in question via Venmo’s in-store QR codes.

Although the Panda Express Venmo deal, which could get you a $10 cashback, has expired on the 31st of December, you aren’t out of luck.

Venmo is constantly expanding and making offers to help you save money on purchases from more and more stores. So, you can always check the ‘Offers’ section in the app to keep up with the latest and hottest deals.

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