Is your Venmo card not working at the ATM? There are a few possibilities you should keep an eye out for.

Venmo Card not working at ATM due to: 1. Wrong PIN 2. Insufficient funds in your account 3. Card not activated 4. Withdrawal limit exceeded 5. Locked card 6. Expired card 7. Damaged card 8. Blocked account 9. Network issue.

For example, you might have entered the wrong PIN or exceeded your withdrawal limit. All in all, we’ll tell you why that might be happening and how to fix it.

So, without further ado, let’s jump in to figure out why Venmo Card won’t let me Withdraw my own funds.

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Venmo Card is Not Working at ATM

Why is Your Venmo Card Not Working at ATM?

If you’re standing at an ATM with no idea what to do about your Venmo card not working at the ATM, you should check the following points:

  1. Wrong PIN
  2. Insufficient funds in your account
  3. Card not activated
  4. Withdrawal limit exceeded
  5. Locked card
  6. Expired card
  7. Damaged card
  8. Blocked account
  9. Network issue

Now that we’ve given you an overview of what to do, it’s time to jump into more detail.

Nine Reasons Your Venmo Card Isn’t Working at the ATM

We’ll run you through nine reasons that could be why your card isn’t working. So read on till you figure out what’s wrong!

1. Wrong PIN

You might think this is far-fetched, but it’s the most common reason people’s cards don’t work at ATMs. Whether you have too many cards and you’re confused about this one’s password, or you forgot the numbers, it’s the first point you should check.

If the PIN you entered is wrong, the card will work again once you enter the correct one. But if you’re sure you wrote the right one in the first place, then go on to the next point.

2. Insufficient Funds in Your Account

If you’re transacting money to someone but don’t have enough funds in your account, your card won’t work. Some ATMs might write the reason in a small message on the screen, but some don’t. So you need to keep this point in mind if your transaction fails.

Your card should typically work again once you put enough money in your account.

3. Card Isn’t Activated

If you’re new to Venmo, then it’s worth mentioning that you need to activate your card before using it to make any transaction or withdrawal. If you’ve forgotten this step, then your card won’t work anywhere.

To activate your card, you should scan the QR code on it using your mobile camera. If your phone doesn’t have that option, you can use the Venmo app’s code scanner instead.

4. Withdrawal Limit Exceeded

This might be surprising for some people, but yes, Venmo has a withdrawal limit. You can’t withdraw more than $400 every day. While this might irritate some people, it’s highly beneficial for security reasons. For example, if your card gets stolen, the person who took it won’t be able to access all of your money.

So, if you’ve already withdrawn money using your Venmo card earlier this day, that might be the reason it isn’t working. Luckily, this means nothing is wrong with your card. You’ll only need to wait for the next day to make your withdrawal.

5. Locked Card

Your card might get locked if you enter the wrong PIN too many times. Also, you might have accidentally blocked your card using your Venmo app. This is especially common among people new to Venmo and those who don’t understand how it works yet.

Luckily, it’s an easy fix. You can open your Venmo app’s settings and disable the debit card’s block.

6. Expired Card

Like any other debit card you own, your Venmo card has an expiry date. If this date comes, then your card won’t work at any ATM. To check the expiration date, take a look at your card. The date will be written in mm/yy format, so you’ll be able to tell it’s the one you’re looking for.

Generally, you can use your expired card till the last day of its expiry month. So, for example, if your expiry date is 01/22, then you’ll be able to use your card till January 31, 2022.

7. Damaged Card

Debit cards can get damaged pretty quickly because we always put them in our pockets with other stuff that can scratch them, for example. If this happens to your card, it won’t work for you anymore. To check for this, you should look at your card carefully and notice whether there’s any physical damage to the electronic chip.

Unfortunately, some damages aren’t visible to the naked eye. For instance, if you expose your Venmo card to a high temperature, it might get damaged, but it’ll look just fine. So, if you don’t find any physical damage but your card isn’t working, you should order a new debit card.

8. Blocked Venmo Account

Since fraud is all around us, Venmo has the right to block your card temporarily if it thinks you’re frauding. While this is inconvenient when it happens by mistake, it gets handy when an actual fraud happens.

Luckily, your card will work either the next day or after a few hours again if this is the case. If it doesn’t work, you can contact Venmo support and ask it to solve the issue as soon as possible.

9. Network Issues

While there’s no denying that technology made our lives easier, it becomes a bit of an inconvenience when nearly all of our daily tasks depend on a fragile network. If your Venmo card isn’t working, there might be an issue with the ATM you’re using or with Venmo servers. If Facebook can have a global outage, why can’t Venmo? 

The easy fix for this step is trying another ATM. However, if your card still won’t work, the issue might be with Venmo, not the machine. Luckily, there’s a down detector page you can check to see whether Venmo has any outages.

To Wrap Up

It’s never a pleasant encounter when your Venmo card fails to work at an ATM.

Luckily, there are many fixes you can try to get it working again after identifying the issue. So whether your card is damaged, locked, or expired, you’ll be able to fix it in no time.

Hopefully, you find this article helpful. But If you still encounter any issues, be sure to let us know in the comments below or contact Venmo Customer Support directly.

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