We understand how frustrating it can be to see the message “Lost connection with bank” when trying to make a payment or add funds to your Venmo account. 

To Solve Venmo Lost Connection With Bank Plaid legit: 1. Check for any maintenance or outages 2. Check your login credentials 3. Update the Plaid connection. Go to Venmo account and disconnect your bank account from Plaid. After removing it, add it again by selecting “Add Bank or Card” to reconnect.

There’s been a recent issue with Venmo and Plaid losing connection to the service. Users report difficulties linking their bank accounts to Venmo and making transactions. 

This might affect users’ ability to link or access their bank accounts through Venmo.

Venmo Lost Connection With Bank Plaid Legit

What is Venmo & Plaid?

Let’s dive in and see what this means for Venmo users and what actions they can take.

1. Plaid


As an integration platform, it ensures seamless connectivity between financial institutions and their applications.

However, technical issues, such as server outages or network connectivity problems, can interrupt this flow.

When this happens, it notifies the financial institution and the application of the issue, guiding how to resolve it as quickly as possible.

2. Venmo:

Venmo relies on Plaid’s technology to establish and maintain a secure connection with our users’ bank accounts.

While rare, it occasionally experiences disruptions in this connection, causing transactions to fail or delay.

Why Does Venmo Say ‘Lost Connection With Bank? 

There are several reasons why Venmo Say’ Lost Connection With Bank via Plaid’, and we want to ensure you’re informed about them.

1. Outdated Credentials

One of the most common reasons for losing connection with your bank via Plaid is outdated login credentials.

If you’ve recently changed your login information, your Venmo account may not be up to date. Ensure you update your information in the Venmo app to avoid any issues.

2. Security Measures

To keep your account safe, many banks have security measures in place that can prevent third-party apps like Venmo from accessing your account.

Contact your bank and authorize Venmo to access your account.

3. Maintenance or Outages

Sometimes banks may perform maintenance or experience outages that can cause temporary disruptions in service. If this happens, there’s nothing you can do but wait until the issue is resolved.

4. Account Restrictions

If your bank has placed restrictions on your account, it can prevent Venmo from connecting.

This can happen if your account has been flagged for suspicious activity or if you’ve reached certain transaction limits. You’ll need to contact your bank to have the restriction removed.

We hope this information helps you understand why you might be seeing the “Lost connection with bank” message on Venmo.

How Can I Fix Venmo’s Lost Connection with My Bank Plaid?

If you’re having trouble connecting your bank account with Venmo, here are the steps you can take to fix the lost connection with Plaid:

1. Check for any maintenance or outages

Banks sometimes carry out maintenance or experience outages which can disrupt Plaid’s connection with the bank.

Check your bank’s website or social media pages for scheduled maintenance or outages. If so, you can wait for the bank to resolve the issue.

2. Check your login credentials

Confirm that your login credentials for your bank account are correct.

Sometimes, users may have changed their login credentials or been locked out of their accounts due to security measures.

Ensure you can log in to your bank account through its website or app before reconnecting with Venmo via Plaid.

3. Update the Plaid connection

You can update your connection with Plaid.

To do this, go to your Venmo account settings and disconnect your bank account from Plaid.

  • In the Venmo app, go to the”☰”icon
  • Go to “Settings,” then
  • Select “Payment Methods.”
  • Click”Remove Bank.”

After you remove the bank account, add it again by selecting “Add Bank or Card” and following the prompts to connect your account.

How to Reconnect your Bank With Plaid?

If you have removed a bank account from Venmo after losing connection with Plaid, you can re-add it by following these steps:

  1. Open the Venmo app and go to the menu.
  2. Select “Settings” and then “Payment Methods.”
  3. Tap on “Add Bank or Card” and select “Bank.”
  4. Search for your bank and enter your login credentials to connect it with Plaid again.
  5. Once the bank is reconnected, you can select it as your primary funding source for Venmo transactions.

Is Venmo’s connection with Plaid safe and secure?

Yes, Venmo’s connection with Plaid is safe and secure. 

Plaid uses bank-level encryption and security protocols to protect sensitive data such as login credentials and financial information. 

Additionally, Plaid is a trusted and reputable third-party provider widely used by many financial institutions and apps. 

Venmo also takes additional security measures to protect user data and financial transactions. However, users need to take necessary precautions, such as using strong passwords and enabling two-factor authentication, to enhance their account security.

How long does it take for Venmo to reconnect with Plaid?

The time it takes for Venmo to reconnect with Plaid can vary depending on the specific issue causing the disconnection. In some cases, the reconnection may be automatic and immediate. However, in other cases, resolving the issue and reestablishing the connection may take several days.

If you’ve taken the necessary steps to resolve the issue, such as updating your login credentials or contacting your bank to resolve any issues, the reconnection process can be faster.

But if the issue is on Venmo or Plaid’s end, it may take longer as their technical teams work to resolve the problem.

If you’re experiencing a prolonged disconnection, it’s recommended to contact Venmo or Plaid customer support for further assistance.

Why does Venmo require Plaid to connect to my bank account?

Here are the reasons why Venmo requires Plaid to connect to your bank account:

1. Enhanced Security

Plaid provides an extra layer of security for Venmo users.

By connecting to Plaid, Venmo can verify your bank account details and confirm that you are an authorized user.

2. Faster and More Efficient Transactions

With Plaid, Venmo can connect to your bank account in real time, processing your transactions more quickly and efficiently.

This also means that you can get your money faster and more easily.

3. Access to a Wider Range of Financial Institutions

Plaid has partnerships with various financial institutions, including banks and credit unions.

Venmo users can connect to a greater variety of banks and accounts, making it easier to manage their finances.

4. Seamless Integration

Using Plaid’s technology, Venmo can seamlessly integrate your bank account.

You don’t have to manually enter your bank account details, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

5. Improved User Experience

By streamlining the process of connecting to your bank account, Venmo can improve the user experience for its customers.

It helps increase user satisfaction and loyalty, which is important for the platform’s long-term success.

Can I still use Venmo while the connection with Plaid is lost?

You can still use Venmo while the connection with Plaid is lost. 

However, you won’t be able to make any transactions that require access to your linked bank account until the connection is restored. 

You may still be able to make payments using your Venmo balance or a linked credit/debit card. 

It’s important to note that any transactions made when the connection was lost will be updated in your Venmo account once it is restored.

Can Plaid access my banking information after Venmo loses connection with it?

No, Plaid cannot access your banking information after Venmo loses connection.

When you connect your bank account to Venmo through Plaid, Plaid acts as a secure intermediary between Venmo and your bank.

When the connection between Venmo and Plaid is lost, Plaid no longer has access to your banking information.

Venmo must re-establish the connection with Plaid before it can access your banking information again.

In addition, Plaid has strict security measures to protect your data and ensure the privacy and security of your financial information.

Is it Common for Venmo to lose connection with Plaid?

Venmo losing connection with Plaid is not a common occurrence, but it can happen from time to time for various reasons. 

Some of the reasons for this can include temporary maintenance or upgrades to the Plaid system, changes to bank account information, or security measures put in place by the bank or Plaid. 


Venmo’s connection with Plaid can sometimes be lost due to various reasons. While this can be inconvenient for users, the reconnection process is usually straightforward and can be done by following a few simple steps. 

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