If you cannot activate your NetSpend Card, Check if you have provided your SSN as KYC because of anti-money laundering laws. You need to call to activate/set up your NetSpend account. You’ll need your social, birthday, address.. etc as if you were setting up a bank account.

Activating your NetSpend card is a very quick process and you can either go online or contact NetSpend by telephone to activate your card.

Activating a bank card is normally quite an easy task, many providers simply want you to use the card and it will “activate” this normally requires no less than 30 seconds to deal with.

However, if you are having difficulty activating your card then you will normally be able to phone the service provider and speak to an agent who can assist your activation.

Or if speaking on the phone is something that you don’t really like to do then you can often activate your card by visiting our bank’s online website and following the step-by-step guide that they will provide. 

If you are having difficulty activating your NetSpend card then it is recommended that you contact NetSpend and converse with them as to why maybe your card is struggling with being activated.

Visiting the NetSpend’s contact page will provide you with any necessary contact information that may be needed for you to contact them directly to speak about issues regarding activating your card.

As mentioned above activating your card should not be the biggest issue and shouldn’t take a long time but if something is stopping your card from being activated it is best to speak with NetSpend directly so they can determine what is causing the issue.

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Why Can’t I Activate My NetSpend Card?

Issues when Activating Your Card

If you are experiencing any issues when activating your NetSpend card, your best bet to fixing those issues is to get in contact with NetSpend, they offer plenty of different ways to be contacted such as by email, call or you can even send a direct letter to them if time is not of the essence.

There is no one solve solution to the problem of activating your NetSpend Cards.

Determining what the issue is with your specific card can be very difficult and contacting NetSpend will help solve that issue massively and it won’t take up your whole afternoon. 

You can also contact NetSpend to help activate your card if you have lost your NetSpend card or if you have damaged it.

NetSpend will send out a new card to you which should arrive in 7-10 working days and you will simply need to follow the above steps provided to activate your new card.

As mentioned above activating a card is not a difficult process and will take immediate effect once it has actually been activated this means you can go and use your card directly after you have activated it, using their online or telephone systems this is very easily done. 

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Activating Your Card Online

Like many banking services NetSpend offers you the ability to activate your card using their online system as this may be much more helpful for you if you don’t like to speak on the phone.

You will simply need to go to NetSpend.com and at the top, you will see a button that simply says “activate card” you will then need to follow the steps which are entering your card number and the security code that comes with your card.

Then you need to click on the “Continue” button. You will then receive the relevant information that lets you know that your card has been activated.

By doing this online there is no need for you to speak with anyone directly involved with NetSpend and the computer system along with your information will handle the process of activating your card.

You can go ahead and spend however you desire, of course, you will have to consider what relevant plan that you have with NetSpend and if you are a monthly payer or paying as you go.

Activating You Card By Telephone

If computers aren’t for you and struggle to understand them then phoning up NetSpend might be the better option for you with regards to activating your card.

They are available on the number 1-866-387-7363. You will then speak to a customer service agent who will ask you for the information that you need to provide to activate your card, this is the card number and the security code. You will also need to provide the NetSpend employee with identification of who you are.

This is to stop any accounts of fraud. Once you have confirmed your identity then your card will be activated by NetSpend and you will be able to use it however you like.

Activating your card over the telephone may be a quicker experience for you if you struggle with using computers.

Speaking to a customer service agent means that they will be able to do all of the leg work for you when it comes to activating your card and you just need to provide the right information.

This may be a better option for you if you are older and know that doing something online can be confusing for you.

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In Summary 

Activating your bank card shouldn’t take you very long at all and there are plenty of different ways in which you can actually activate your card.

In some cases, it may be possible to simply activate your card by using it, for example withdrawing $10 from your local ATM may do it.

In other cases, you will need to activate your card by contacting the card issuer. This is the case with NetSpend.

This won’t take long and it means you can use your card directly after it is activated. With NetSpend you can call them on the phone and provide them with the correct information that they will need to activate your card or you can visit their website online and activate your card that way.

If you choose to activate your card over the phone you will need to be able to provide them with identification proving exactly who you are to avoid any possibility that you may be a fraudster.

If you have any issues when activating your card your best solution is to get in contact with NetSpend so they can determine the issue and fix it for you.

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