As more companies adopt an automated customer service system there are issues that need a human touch. We detail how to speak to a human at Netspend in this article 

If you’re having trouble with your Netspend account or have a query, the easiest way to Talk to a Live Person At Netspend is via the toll-free Customer Service number at 1-86-NETSPEND (1-866-387-7363). The line is open Monday to Friday 8 am – 10 pm and Saturday to Sunday 8 am – 8 pm Central.

There are often times when only speaking to a fellow human will suffice. In an age when we’re dialing through to an automated robot voice, it’s nice to know that there are some companies that have a direct line to human customer services. 

While you may have to navigate through an automated system and listen to some hold music, Netspend does have a fully-fledged team of customer service representatives. 

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How Do I Talk to a Live Person At Netspend?

What is NetSpend?

Netspend was founded on the idea that there should be an alternative to traditional banks. Their products are specifically designed to be used by those who don’t have a traditional bank account and they serve an estimated 68 million consumers. 

They provide reloadable prepaid debit cards and services in the United States. These cards enable customers to make purchases, secure reservations, pay bills, and shop online without having a bank account or credit history. 

Headquartered in Austin, TX, there are three main ways to get in touch with the people at Netspend. These are via their Customer Service line, via email, or via post. There are a number of other ways to get in touch with Netspend, depending on your reason for contacting them, such as if you have a media relations inquiry or law enforcement-related inquiries. 

How to Contact NetSpend Customer Care?

NetSpend PR department can be contacted via if you have a media relations inquiry, and law enforcement inquiries can contact Netspend via

If you’re a current customer with Netspend and prefer to email then the fastest way to get in touch with someone via email is to go through your secure inbox. You will need to log in to the Online Account Center to make use of this service. You can do this by clicking on the link here

There is also a general inquiry email address which is This email inbox is monitored by their customer service team and is your best bet if you have a query that is non-urgent. 

We feel it is important and also a nice touch that should you have any complaints or compliments then you can email the president of Netspend directly at Not many companies have this feature so it’s refreshing to see it. 

As mentioned above, Netspend is headquartered in Austin, Texas. This also happens to be the best place to contact them should you wish to do so in writing. Their address is readily available on their website which can be found here. Netspend is unable to accept cash or checks via mail. 

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How Do I Talk to a Live Person At Netspend?

You can contact NetSpend support via 1-86-NETSPEND (1-866-387-7363). However, the Netspend Customer Service line isn’t 24 hours and is open on weekdays from 8 am to 10 pm and 8 am to 8 pm CST on weekends. They have an average waiting time of 17 minutes and the best time to call is 8:15 am. 

When you dial through to a customer service representative at Netspend, chances are they are from either Texas or India, as these two places make up the majority of their customer service workforce. Netspend also offers a callback service should you need it.

There are typically six main reasons why you might need to get in touch with the folks at Netspend, these are: 

  • Account Access
  • Activate Card 
  • Technical Support 
  • Lost or Stolen Card 
  • Dispute a Charge 
  • A Different Issue 

If you need to speak to someone at Netspend urgently, follow our step-by-step guide below to get to their customer support quickly. Once you have dialed the number and been connected: 

  1. Enter your 16-digit card number 
  2. Enter your 4-digit PIN or, alternatively, your Social Security number
  3. Complete the security verification process 
  4. Press Option 5 then Option 4 

Whilst their main customer service number (866-387-7363) is the best way to contact Netspend, there is another phone number you can try for Netspend. Calling their Refund Department may be a good way to speak to someone from Netspend quickly. The number for the refund department is 866-930-9924. 

Netspend also has a Twitter page and you can contact them via their page if you’d prefer to do so. This can be found by clicking on the link here

Bottom Line

Whilst many companies are slowly moving towards completely automated customer service lines, we feel that it’s important to recognize the importance of a human customer service team. Some issues simply cannot be resolved by automated phone lines as they might be complex problems that need a human touch. 

The best way to contact Netspend is obviously their toll-free number as detailed above. This does have some automated options, nearly all companies have an automated filtering system, but once you’ve gotten through to a human they should be able to help. 

If you’re a current customer at Netspend, emailing their customer service via your secure inbox in your online account center is also a good option. These emails, much like the general inquiries inbox, are monitored by their customer service team but with a higher priority level. 

The fact that you can email the President of Netspend directly if you have a complaint or compliment is, we think, an excellent idea and something which more companies should do. 

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