How Much Can you Overdraft With Netspend All Access Card Limit?

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You can Overdraft With Netspend All Access $10 once enrolled in the NetSpend overdraft service. However. Failure to pay an overdraft fee could lead to a number of negative consequences and Exceeding the $10 overdraft limit will incur fines from the company on every payment until the balance of the account has been restored to above zero. 

Worried about going into overdraft on your Netspend debit card?

Find out exactly how much you can overdraft your account and what charges you may incur if you do.

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How Much Can you Overdraft With Netspend All Access

What is a NetSpend Card?

Netspend is an American company that was founded in 1999. They offer reloadable Mastercards and Visa debit cards that can be used to make purchases in most shops across the United States.

They charge either a monthly subscription fee or a small fee with every purchase made using the card, which makes them quite expensive compared to a standard checking account.

The advantage of these cards is that they can be set up with nothing but basic proof of identity, which means no credit or background checks. 

A NetSpend card offers an overdraft buffer of $10 before any extra charges are incurred. This overdraft protection is provided entirely at the discretion of the company. Exceeding the $10 limit will incur fines from the company on every payment until the balance of the account has been restored to above zero. 

Customers will only be eligible for this overdraft if they have received regular deposits into their accounts that exceed a certain amount.

Read on to find out more about how the overdraft offered by these cards works and what you can expect if your balance falls below zero. 

Just because you have a Netspend card doesn’t mean you are immediately eligible for the $10 overdraft.

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How to tell if I am eligible for Netspend’s overdraft protection? 

In order to be eligible forNetspend’s overdraft protection, you will have to receive payments of at least $200 into your account once a month. If you have not received enough regular payments then you will be charged for entering overdraft, even if your balance stays within the $10 buffer. 

You will also need to give Netspend a valid email address and agree to specific clauses in the contract when you first sign up. If you don’t agree to receive electronic notifications from Netspend then they won’t be able to warn you when your account has entered negative digits.

If you don’t agree to these terms in the contract then you won’t be eligible for overdraft protection even if you are receiving regular payments into your account.

If you don’t have an online account you can still apply for overdraft protection. Simply make note of the email address you plan to use and call Netspend on the phone.

A representative of the company will take you through the process of applying for overdraft protection but you will still need a valid email address in order to be successful. 

Will Netspend charge me for entering overdraft? 

As long as your account balance doesn’t fall below -$10.00, you won’t incur an immediate charge for over-drafting your account. Instead, you will receive a notification from Netspend telling you that you have entered overdraft and giving your 24 hours to restore your account balance to any amount above $10. Failing this you will be charged an immediate fee of $20. 

You can also be charged $20 if your account exceeds the stated overdraft buffer. These charges will be immediate and without warning, however, they can only happen five times in the same month.

Payments that enter overdraft beyond this are likely to simply not be approved by the company, and any transaction that has not been approved will incur a charge of $50 once Netspend has been notified. 

Is it possible to lose overdraft protection? 

If customers don’t receive regular payments of $200 or more every month then they will lose the benefit of overdraft protection. This means they will be immediately charged for over-drafting their account and the offending transactions are unlikely to be approved by Netspend.

Thankfully this isn’t permanent, and customers can reapply for overdraft protection once they are in a position to receive the necessary payments needed to keep it. 

Should your account balance fall below zero for 30 days, you will earn a single strike against your account. As is always the case, three strikes mean you are out and you will be permanently disqualified from the benefit of overdraft protection on your Netspend card.

Permanent cancellation of this privilege can also be incurred by having a negative balance for 60 days. This only needs to happen once and there is no way to reapply for overdraft protection once this has occurred, apart from opening a new account with a different email. 

Furthermore, if you ever request for Netspend to delete your email address, or remove your consent to receive digital notifications, you will no longer be able to overdraft your account without incurring a fee. 

Is overdraft protection guaranteed? 

As stated in their terms of service, Netspend’s overdraft protection is offered entirely at the companies discretion. Any transaction that exceeds the accounts balance has to be approved by Netspend and should they deem it appropriate they can withhold this authorization at any time.

Generally though as long as a customer has gone through the necessary steps and they have received the necessary monthly payments, they should be granted overdraft protection on their debit card. 

How much does a Netspend card cost? 

Netspend offers you the choice between paying a monthly fee for your card or using a pay-as-you-go plan that will charge you a smaller amount per purchase made with the card. The monthly plan costs just under $10 per month.

Using the pay-as-you-go method will lead to charges of $1.50 per purchase, $2.95 per ATM withdrawal, $0.50 for an ATM balance check, and $3.95 for cash reloads. If your card has not been used for over 90 days you may be charged an inactivity fee of $5.95. 

When you sign up for a card you will notice a length list of 7 other fees you may be charged so make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully before you order a card. 


Netspend cards are easy to apply for, which is one of the reasons why they are so popular. 

Watch out though, they don’t have a large overdraft, and if you exceed it you will be charged.

That said, as long as you aren’t exceeding your account balance on a regular basis you should have no problem getting overdraft protection on your transactions.

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